Newbie understands Front-end Development

Newbie understands Front-end Development

Guide to understand Front-end Development and fun facts

TL;DR Front-end Development is trickier sometimes but if you learn it you can make magical things.

Yay🤩!! Front-end Development would be fantastic for creating classy/modern UI. Well, it might be for those who are patient enough, for others it is hell😕. I have mentioned the roadmap to Front-end development below. Please follow it, it is a wonderful guide from

Front-end Development Truths

Frontend Development is easy

Well, It might be if you just started it. But, the truth is as you jump into the world of front-end it could be messy to manage the state of the websites or apps and to produce the required UI tricks to make them more interactive for clients 🥹. Able to write code so the web app can work in all major browsers and various screen resolutions.

Yeah! Even though there are a lot of frameworks, This never becomes Easy.

Front-end Development is all about Designing

Seriously, don't even believe it. Coding and Developing a webpage is not equivalent to designing it. Well, you see front-end development is not just writing pretty CSS styling to keep it pretty rather it is more of maintaining it prettier and keeping it running in various resolutions, troublesome client actions etc.

Front-end is harder than Back-end

In general, Both stacks have a ton of things to learn. Well, it depends on our thinking and imagination skills to make either of them simple. Few people think both are easy and doable we call them Full-stack Developers, yeah they are strange.

Frontend vs Backend Developer Memes that are Relatable #html #programming  #coding - YouTube

As much as it is frightening to do front-end Development if you learn it you can do pretty magical things. Well, it is the main responsibility to create their apps with great accessibility. A front-end developer is a person who helps the disabled see the digital world with their accessibility features.

Front-end is tricky but it is magical.